主题风格文章段落的一种规范构造是TRIAC构造,这类构造的文章段落按序得出主题风格句子(Topic Sentence)、重述或限定(Restatement or Restriction)、质证(Illustration)、剖析(Analysis)和结果(Conclusion)。TRIAC即是Topic Sentence、Restatement、Illustration、Analysis和Conclusion的首写字母组合。











TRIAC:Topic Sentence,Restatement,Illustration,Analysis and Conclusion

TRIAC is a writing pattern you can use at both the essay and paragraph level for strong organization and argument.You can also use it for revision,particularly as a method for bringing focus and coherence to your work.

T:Topic Sentence.The first sentence introduces the subject of the paragraph.Answers the question,What are you writing about?

R:Restatement or Restriction.Narrows the focus.The second sentence can restate or restrict what was written in the first sentence,making the subject more specific.

I:Illustration.Give examples/evidence.This portion of the paragraph consists of the illustrations(evidence,data,facts,quotes,reasoning,etc.)that support your topic sentence.You can have more than one I in a paragraph.

A:Analysis.Comment,explain,interpret,or contextualize the illustrations that have been made.Never leave illustrations by themselves;their effectiveness lies in your analysis.Show value,significance,problems,or impact.You should have one A for each I in the paragraph.The more As and Is,the more fully developed your essay will be.

C:Conclusion.Repeat or reflect topic.The final sentence might review what the paragraph has discussed,or it can re-emphasize what the illustration and analysis suggest.The portion might also identify or evaluation connections.Keep in mind that you are also setting yourself up to smoothly move into the next paragraph.

Model TRIAC paragraph(举例说明):

[T]Although vegetarianism has often been associated with issues or ethics and animals rights,for many people it is no more than means to a healthier lifestyle.

[R]A vegetarian diet can reduce the risk of health problems such as high cholesterol,arterial clogging,and even cancer.Recent evidence indicates that people with a diet rich in dark green vegetables had a 40%less chance of developing colon cancer.

<I>In addition,cutting meat out can dramatically reduce saturated fat intake.Alice,a university student and a seven-year vegetarian,says,“I recognized my potential for cancer because of my genetic history;when my father’s doctor put him on a strict no-meat diet,I decided it was time to give up burgers and pepperoni.”

[A]Choosing to cut down beef and poultry can help many people to become more aware of what they are consuming,and it turn leads to overall more healthful style of cooking and eating.In addition,it is not necessary to become a vegetarian in the strictest sense of the word;for some people,it simply means cutting down on meat intake and increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables included in each meal.

[C]These adjustments alone can be beneficial without completely altering the individual’s eating habits,and these changes may prevent a myriad of health problems later in life.

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